Month: September 2014

Today’s adventure..

100_9149 100_9152

I don’t have proper display tables or cabinets, so to protect stuff, it goes in boxes..then into bigger boxes. Or in this case a locking chest.

I got busy rooting around..and had the pleasure of discovering a few things all over again.. jade bowls for instance, I like mottled jade because it has that camo thing going, which strike me as funny.. chests of amber..fossils, crystal balls that are unusual in a number of ways…

But we all have our fascinations….

Netsuke kept turning up at random intervals…along with a complete albit small sino-hadrosarus, a box of space junk and some moldovites that were laying out at random..

It’s so much fun to rummage through boxes, its like a big easter egg hunt with a touch of hide and seek…or finding pirate treasure…

Now I want dinner… except I’m worn out from moving a literal ton of stuff around..

Ok not that worn out.. just saying.


Enter the dragon..


Aside from dinner, straight razors and getting bucked off the bicycle on a regular basis..

I go through my loot collections, it’s a nice break… sort of like a visit too a museum back room where everything is interesting… and kept in boxes.

African trade beads… jade bowls, netsuke, defunct coinage and currency from defunct empires.. pre-money trade items, stuff that fell from the sky… the work of silversmiths I admire…or things so obscure only one person in a hundred has a clue…

It’s all about provenance and history.. art and workmanship… sometimes antiquity and the OMG factor….

Which entertains me no end….

Other obsessions..


I got busy examining my box of loot and eating the contents there-of along with the results of project week… except for the I phone, art book, shirts and opal rough etc..

At which point I got sucked in by season five of Vampire Diary’s and vegged out for a day or two…

Till I saw whats her name using a straight razor….and I drifted off into a lets look in the various treasure chests I have stashed routine..

Which is always a treat, since I forget what is in them or how good the stuff is, even if I remember in the first place…

I was on a search for my straight razor stash… I’d been on a lets make shaving soap kick lately since I’m almost out of the last batch..and need to actually write down some instructions, rather than just assume everyone knows how the process works..

But regardless…. I found my razors, and had forgotten there’s an Ivory handle or two in the mix, which is why they get kept in a humidor in the first place…the whole thing was hysterical.. one real razor can last several generations.. but I tend to buy more for special events or go on a road trip..

My package arrived

100_9116 100_9119

I put on the perfect fitting shirt then ate the Tim-Tams in a workman like manner, while rooting through the box, discovering stuff that was determined I may need.

Like RJ’s NaTURaL licorice, Some Ghana chocolate, and an I phone and an very cool art history book.

Spice cabinet and large bunny..


I found a cabinet to use for a spice cabinet or proofing box.. its pretty nice, the door is beveled glass… which is worth several times more than the cabinet… and it’s big enough for chilis..and ageing, fermenting or whatever… proofing is humid so it has to be an either or deal to protect the spices.

About the the bunny… which is sitting on the new cabinet, with my bike in the foreground for scale…..

The neighbor nearly fell over laughing when the delivery showed up.. he was asking the driver “wtf is it?”, as I rolled up on my bike..

So I told him it’s going to be the new shop night light and he started laughing again…

Like he doesn’t have a mannequin dressed in moto-cross gear outside his shop…

But I seem to fit in, which is a nice change.. My projects, quirks, insomnia and privacy issues tend to drive normal neighbors up the wall..

I be has cheese….


Said cheese has absolutely nothing to do with anything…at the moment.

What I do have is tracking info on a package that’s been bounced back and forth between the US and New Zealand for over a year.

Customs got all snooty over a bottle of mead, which the sender had been assured by NZ postal was fine to send and it all went down hill from there..

Apparently sending is OK, clearing US customs and actual delivery is a different issue…

I have no idea whats in it…. aside from opal rough and an I phone…

Tracking says the package is in Phoenix….. so I need to go find out when to stand and stare at the mail box, as well as for how long..

Its all about excitement….

Rum raisin tart…


Its a work in progress…there’s brie in the bottom and it gets topped with whipped cream or ricotta at some point after cooling..

Then I went off on a tangent…. why not make the next go round a custard or do a cheese cake riff… both ideas got added to the current project list and into the book they go..

The scent is amazing, rum, spices and fruits all working improve my dinner.. not that its dinner, its the great rarity of a dessert..

Basil in a flower pot….


Some people can grow anything, but I’m not one of them..

Not that it stops me from trying… I like garden chores and tending potted plants, bug hunting and the various duties involved..

Fresh basil and other herbs are a big deal and it only takes a window box…Plus the uncanny ability to not croak said herbs..

I think growing kitchen herbs should be a required part of ones education.. a social distinction and gentlemanly past time.

Too bad I suck at it… The next step is finding a big fish tank installing grow lights and turning it into a terrarium, which is the only way plants survive around me.. 😦 except goat heads and cactus…

This time I have the basil inside, rather than outside in the shade and 110 degree heat..

I should bring one into the house with me and see which one survives..

Spice boxes


Spice racks don’t really work in my world, because they aren’t the size of bookcases.

So I have a couple of kitchen drawers dedicated to making a spice pile.. which is problematic when I want something.

That aside spice boxes are the bomb.. the problem is getting one big enough, but not quite as big as a Korean apothecary chest. which isn’t a bad idea.

I like Indian spice boxes, but would need to stack them like a dabbawalla and then have too hear how weird I am, as if I cared.

I do have some small antique chests that on occasion get used as spice boxes, but they tend to get pre-empted for storage as needed and hidden away somewhere.

Most American type spice chests are too small, which is kind of an issue.. one good sized dried chili fills a drawer..

I think a trip to the tobacco shop is needed so some cigar box re-tasking can be looked into…or a humidor..



I think that’s what one calls it..”if” it’s not work related.

But being a working class type, I have no clue really… it’s just fun and skill building, a moment of artful relaxation..

Smoked gravlax is a favorite thing, smoked tongue is also high on the list…and since I’ve been so busy during project week, there’s a lot of both items and making the most of it is fun as well as a big payoff for the effort..

The portions look large but aren’t… and aside from that, a lot of small plates fool the appetite…

I doubt there were three ounces of gravlax or smoked tongue.. but quantity isn’t the issue, it’s mostly about finding brunch nirvana or Narnia depending on how you see it..

Its a quiet back to basics moment… which I tend to enjoy as much as dinner.