Rummaging through the shop

100_8948Rummaging through the shop looking for some steel I had stashed, I found my solar oven… which needs to be cleaned up and put to productive use.

I have a minor thing about solar ovens, retained heat cooking and obscure methods of cooking in general..

But the oven was just a bonus find….

The agenda was finding the steel…

I want to build a bicycle cargo trailer, the back pack and bicycle carrier thing has its limits..

I decided to go with angle steel over tube because I didn’t want to get a notcher or cut and fit all the joints by hand for brazing…

But that may be subject to change since I like the look of tube frames, and the steel can always be used to make a push cart or whatever.. it just depends on how long I ponder the project and weigh the benefits of each… Tube is pretty, artful and lite.. angle is strong, easy to fit and modify..

With tube I can make the bike trailer look like a 1950’s Air-stream….or one of those tear drop rigs.. which would be fun and a little off center..

OK, maybe I haven’t decided.

But the solar oven is good too go, and it not like Arizona lacks daylight..or I’m pressed for time.

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