Essentials… sort of

100_6931I manage to get flour everywhere for some reason, but its not radio-active, toxic or a bio-hazard “Most of the time”..

That being said my favorite daily use essentials are… a pepper mill, manual coffee grinder and a French press all of which work fine regardless of power outages..

Hot water for coffee, cooking and what-not is a little more complex.. but just as basic. It can be done with charcoal, wood, propane, electricity, even in my solar oven or a gallon pickle jar I keep around for sun tea…

That part is whatever… its not a survivalist paranoia twitch-fest, I just tend to like versatility and have manual back ups.. it’s a guy thing and I like to go places without electricity or propane dealers.. yet still want coffee ground 3 minutes before I use it..

Besides, I just don’t like having my routine disturbed by floods, earth-quakes or three day power outages..

I can’t stop or change any of that.. but one can determine how they react to and deal with “stuff”


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