3 AM and the salmon is out of the smoker

100_8969The gravlax spent four hours being transformed to smokey Uber-gravlax.. a little darker, a little denser, a little more everything.

There is a plan for it….first, perfect paper thin slices on the darkest thinnest rye I can find..or an herbed multi grain rye cracker.. with dilled havarti..

Phase two is a pate so I can make the gravlax love last a little longer and change it up some

The smoker did exactly what it was supposed to and held the temperature just right for cold smoking..

It was fun and a good amount of bang for the buck..

I was babbling about wanting a smoked brisket and was notified officially I need to put bacon and smoked tongue on the “to do” list for project week..

So early tomorrow it’s off to the butcher I go.. the only concern is my diet has been a bit rich lately and out of the norm.. its usually salads, vegetables, yogurt, fruit, beans and lentils, pasta and whatever I bake for the day.. 90% vegetarian..excepting the habitual pizza or occasional chicken quarter.. fish and shellfish…

Make that 80% vegetarian..


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