A day inna life.. back inna day

100_6801Since I can’t yet figure out how to set a Gravitar this is me…

I’m a former elected official (councilman) and subject to being drafted for random community stuff since I have a food handlers card..

In this case it was a fund raiser dinner for the food bank and a hot meals for the homeless kitchen…

I came direct from working in a commercial tire shop breaking down semi-tires in 130 degree heat and the boss lady stuck me in a frilly apron (it was all they had)… Which thrilled the ladies and ex-cons who admired my attitude I/E “Shut-up, I look good in anything”..and “you ought to see me in a prom dress”

I wasn’t cooking or serving, it was all about washing pots, lifting the heavy stuff and mopping the floors, a lot of photos got taken and comments made about how pretty I looked…

No politics were involved, volunteering and non court ordered community service is a regular part of life..


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