Mr. Bento

100_8957I have a thing for tiffin containers and bento boxes which the GF is aware of, so she indulged my predilection by getting me a Mr.Bento just because…

Which thrills me no end…

I habitually do heavy manly-man labor with burly types and granted I fit in from the big boy, work-horse stand point…BUT

Breaks and what not are off the clock and at that point, its all about my world.. I don’t care if its at a logging camp, a deep mine or dam construction in Montana..

It’s my lunch, world and time.. if it involves my beloved pizza oven, a wicker picnic basket or bento boxes, it is, what it is..

It’s not arrogance or an anti-social statement of some sort…. I just happen to like things my way and act accordingly.. regardless of what others think…

But I digress..

I really like the wood and lacquer bento boxes, they have that art and functionality thing going, which lends its-self to the zen of lunch.. they just don’t hold enough.

But a Mr. Bento and a cooler is quite the solution.. I like small portions of a lot of things and its the king of that… a tortilla warmer deals with naan or chapati.. the cooler gets stuffed with fruit, and salad stuff, or bulky items, a plate, coffee tools etc.. and there’s usually a butane stove in the truck in case I want to actually cook..

I’m havin a picnic and enjoying the time.. which seems reasonable.

Aside from that, if I have to be out and about for a day or two, the bento box and cooler make the trip easier.. I don’t have to deal with truck stops, fast food or amtrack’s nonsense.. and it has that Hannbal Lecter vibe so I get a seat to myself…


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