Bacon and cabbage


100_8971 Every now and then you revert to comfort foods… which all depends on how you define comfort..

So lunch is cabbage and bacon, its different than when I was a kid in that it contains actual bacon, but it still works.

I use bacon ends, because I cut everything up anyway so why pay the overage? The cabbage isn’t fried its steamed.. and some shrimp got added to the mix, I was thinking the cabbage or bacon might overwhelm them, but wanted to know for sure….

It was actually a really good combo…

Red pepper flakes and black pepper were used in the cooking as was caraway seed… garlic and a little water to make steam once the bacon was rendered…

It was way better than memory… always a plus no?



  1. ” but wanted to know for sure….”
    The things one does in the name of “research” 🙂
    It certainly looks good & better than memory is a good thing!

    Thanks for following me, I hope you will post some photo’s of your Mr Bento in use.


    1. The bacon and cabbage was good, and just what I needed at the time. I’m due for some Mr.Bento time, but have been staying close to home, so I haven’t made use of it for a while, which needs to change. I wanted to say thanks for liking my posts and following as well but its taking time to learn navigation.. I’ll post Bento photos first chance I get and hopefully have the extravaganza in focus…. 🙂 regards, Bill


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