100_8740I had to edit the blog photos a little.

Apparently a non ramekin photo slipped in which was a rather colorful interior shot of my hide out..

Nothing like a Balinese mask, a pewter tankard and Chinese brushes in a carved stone brush jar to throw things off track..

The two photos are the same ramekin under different lights, but I tend to be indifferent to anything other than prying out the contents as fast as possible…

I like ramekins as a single serve type thing… they look nice and are actually pretty handy..

This go round, I loaded them up with chicken livers, an egg, bacon and mozzarella, along with the attendant salt, peppers, garlic and onion..

Which worked out, since I was too lazy to make a pate..

A few days later the ramekins got another work out this time it was polenta, bacon and… two eggs got added about half way through, then covered with mozzarella, Parmesan and finished off under the broiler.. which made for pretty quick breakfast, with no pots or pans..

What I originally got the things for were pot pies, rice puddings and custards, but I’m not really a desert guy, its a guest thing and since I don’t have guests or entertain other than in theory and concept..

It was bugging me seeing them sit there… but now its all good and peace has returned to my domain.

Now I just need to deal with 6″ spring pans, but I do like cheese cake every three years or so.



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