Ramen suprise


100_8976About 7:00 I decided to go get something that could be fixed for dinner….. then notice some water on the floor, but the neighbor had been out hosing off his boat… So I just shrugged and went on..

At least till I opened the door, which apparently now opens to another dimension of howling wind and sideways rain… I eyed my bike, accessed the wind and figured it would blow me backwards to about New Mexico… And Phoenix is cool and all, but its flooded and nothing is open anyway..

Fine I’ll walk to Bashas at a 45 degree angle….. then decided to do a personal inventory, cell phone, not water proof, back pack, not water proof, tobacco products, worse than not water proof….

The whole buck shot feel of a sideways deluge was also an issue… I stand in the rain a minute and that’s that..the fantasy is over.

And scurrying back inside is the proper decision..

Fortunately I have two cases of Ramen..no defrosting needed…

So it gets elected for dinner.. with modifications. 1. the seasoning packet gets thrown away
2. I have some salmon and shrimp that can go in the mix…. along with red pepper flakes, ginger, mirrin, garlic, onion and soy sauce…

Everything else is frozen or annoying and I didn’t want to deal with it…



      1. I tend to adjust what I eat according to season, type of work and whether I need to gain muscle or lose winter insulation but it’s all good with no suffering.. 🙂


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