Spices, chilis, meat and other life essentials…

100_8981I don’t have time today to make a pickling mix or deal with a depleted pantry… I’m due to get bulk spices in about a month when they reopen the shop.. So for now its my beloved El Guapo back up spices from Bashas..

They have a lot of bulk stuff but sadly, not everything I use, still it’s good for what it is…

And it’s a project thing, so ya do what ya gotta do…..

The project is smoked beef tongue… which got justified simply because it was cheaper than hamburger.. and better than most beef cuts I can recall and its just beefy goodness.

While picking up the tongue, I spotted some briskets that were cheaper still, ($3.50 a pound) but the weight brought the price up to $40+ and it was so big it would take forever to eat the thing…

But who knows… and I drifted off track, maybe I can cut, pack and freeze it in 5 pound chunks.. except its still a years worth of indulgence.. unless the butcher can be connived into selling me a smaller piece.. or the corned beef option kicks in once my smoked brisket issue is dealt with…

Maybe a whole brisket is not a bad idea.. corned beef and cabbage is in my DNA, winter is on the way, its a good budget ‘bang for the food buck’ move, and various other self-serving, justifications.

Then I returned to reality and made a quick get away…

Things are busy enough as they are..


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