Tacos de lingua and smoked tounge

100_9001I kinda bent the rules a little, but sort of had to, tongue was cheaper than hamburger and its way over the top as far as food goodness goes…it was at one time in history a luxury item, for good reason..

However its not photography pretty.. the photo is just to show it exists and isn’t smuggled into the country in the back of a car by rogue carniceria butchers without green cards…

That particular statement still annoys me no end.. nothing like an independent businessman, undercutting inflated prices and providing better service to arouse the ire of a chain store butcher prone to gouging and price fixing…

Besides I like local artisanal butchers, chain store, industrial whack and pack has scant charm…

I just checked my zen..and I’m still annoyed.

I’ve been to Mexico quite a bit and like the street food.. whatever it is, the trick is to find a line of brown faces, which will lead without fail to the best cart or taquaria (phonetic spelling) in town..

The tourists tend to follow some guide book and want hamburger tacos on wonder bread.. or El Huevo McMuffin.. Not to mention acting in a generally cringe worthy manner.. like talking louder is a substitute for speaking just a little Spanish or worse than that, English with a fake Spanish accent… and adding an O or A to every third word..

But, the good news is, I know they won’t go into an alley or down an unpaved street..

OK I feel better now..

Nothing like a good rant yes?


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