Roast or bake everything..

100_8784Roasting is my go to plan for dinner in a hurry… its everybody in the pan, see ya in 45 minutes or so.. the fat in meat or poultry renders out and everything else caramelizes..

Which lets me wander off, take a nap, annoy people on face book, or stare at the oven and zone out..

Later today I need to give the ramekins a work out… egg custard is kind of a favorite thing that I never get around to making, which I excuse on account of not being a dessert guy…

There are the brisket “bones” to deal with at some point, a beef tongue to thaw, kidneys to pick up and tons of little things to do the next few days.. not to mention a pot pie extravaganza of alternative fillings..

AND hopefully take pretty photos of it all before I decide to eat everything..which is sort of a chore, since the whole omnivore, primal thing kicks in and it cares naught for photography..


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