Today was sorta busy, and I decided civiche was in order at some point, so everything got rounded up to do just that..

I also needed to get a couple of snap lid jars for different things so, today was the day for errands..

The butcher had beef kidney and is hunting for pork bellies, which comes into play later.. He’s the good butcher, the one that gets all excited about new stuff.. I was excited about only paying $1.79 a pound for beef kidneys and less than hamburger for yet another tongue.. which is better than steaks anyway..

Then we switched gears to civiche and got serious.. I wander out with talapia, cod and shrimp.. plus a pile of limes and cilantro the size of my head.. not to mention the offal..

The civiche got started as soon as I got home..and thats kind of it..


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