Spice boxes


Spice racks don’t really work in my world, because they aren’t the size of bookcases.

So I have a couple of kitchen drawers dedicated to making a spice pile.. which is problematic when I want something.

That aside spice boxes are the bomb.. the problem is getting one big enough, but not quite as big as a Korean apothecary chest. which isn’t a bad idea.

I like Indian spice boxes, but would need to stack them like a dabbawalla and then have too hear how weird I am, as if I cared.

I do have some small antique chests that on occasion get used as spice boxes, but they tend to get pre-empted for storage as needed and hidden away somewhere.

Most American type spice chests are too small, which is kind of an issue.. one good sized dried chili fills a drawer..

I think a trip to the tobacco shop is needed so some cigar box re-tasking can be looked into…or a humidor..



  1. I use jars, just old Mason jars like for canning.They all go in a dark cupboard. Then I fill up my little jars or basic spices as needed, which is in a cupboard by my counter where I prep. But I’m a little bit of a neat freak.

    My dream would be to have an old postmaster or bank chest like, but of course, one that comes from the basement of some old dusty place where they take whatever you offer and you promise to take it up the stairs yourself!



    1. I use Mason jars for who knows what…. lately it’s been rum soaked fruit.

      I can see 40 drawers in the future… something on the order of a Korean apothecary chest, just because I like lots of drawers about as much as boxes… Ironically, its cheaper for me to buy tools and make one than it is to buy outright… so who knows

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