And its the lamb project


I found lamb, while emptying the freezer..

If its on sale, fish, chicken, whatever…. I grab it and hide it away like a giant meat eating squirrel.

I decided it needed to be a pastie thing.. because I don’t wanna grill it or do any of that.. no particular reason other than is sounded good…

It mutated into more of a tart… which worked out and looked nice regardless.



    1. American lamb is mutton most of the time… so I tend to assume its been dressed according to the expression..

      But I like mutton, so it works…for a while kangaroo was being passed off as cheap beef or pork…and I liked that too..


      1. A few years back there was a “scandal” up in Portland, or maybe Seattle about McDonalds using Kangaroo meat. I thought it was probably healthier than what most people were used to getting. Horsemeat used to come up on the radar now and then, in days past when they were being butchered. Now they starve to death instead…

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  1. I avoid McDonald’s… but happen to like kangaroo and horse meat….cultural silliness aside most things are tasty if cooked right.. but I grew up before food was a political issue and just about life..

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