Things that drive the neighbors crazy..


Nopal cactus with flowers…. you can eat the fruit which is called tuna in Spanish… I cant remember what it is in English, and just barely remember its prickly pear in Meraicn… which reminds me its called cactus pear… so my memory isn’t totally shot.

I hijack cactus for the fruit in season…. and the pads whenever… which are then basically frenched and added to eggs, burritos or whatever…

My caucaziod brethren think its insane, but brown folks get it and make suggestions cause its a staple.. they even help harvest or get inspired and grab some too..

Especially if its in their front yard.. which I’ve been known to invade… with permission.

I like free food.. mushrooms, fish, crawdads and basically anything that can’t hide or run faster than me.. I really like coastal areas because there’s more free stuff than you can imagine.. crabs, mussels, sea veg.. barnacles and God knows what.. Which appalls any number of people… till they try it.

Personally, I’d rather pry dinner off of a rock and cook it then an there rather than go out to cafe effete and pay 20 bucks.. besides its just better and way more fun..

There’s a trip to NZ in the offing, upon arrival I’ve been promised eels and coast line…maybe a pig hunt because I tend to like getting into the bush and treating it like my own personal 7-11.

Living in a desert is limited… there’s more food than you’d think but most of it bites, stings, has thorns, causes hallucinations or is poisonous.. you have to poke sticks with a stick to be sure its not a snake… then get it, before it gets you… but you get a meal and a snazzy hat band out if it..

I’m ready to go…



    1. It’s pretty strange to have English words I can’t remember supplied by guys that came up from Mexico… They apparently find it quite amusing… then, they ask for my green card and threaten to call migra…. which seems to be even more amusing..aside from that, its a hoot when I start thinking in Spanish and try talking..

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      1. That’s so funny, Bill. Great post by the way, and it sounds as if you have a great adventure on your hands! LOL – my biggest “forage” this year was picking off the rose hips from my giant bush. And it “bit” me, a lot! Rose hip tea, now, for the winter!

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  1. I kind of like rooting around, from a free food and skill building mind set… rather than the whole survivalist, zombie apocalypse thing..

    It tends to a bigger world, more options, better life, better understanding of people, cultures and so on..


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