egg poaching tech…

It cost $1.. and I like poached eggs


So it seemed like a good idea at the time.


But… the whole experience was “meeh” and produced something like a no shell soft boiled egg.. which was OK, but not amazing..and stuck to the little cup thingies..

So its back to the slotted spoon trick…

I’ve been on a poached egg and toast for breakfast kick lately, which is neither photogenic nor exciting.. hence the lack of posts..

And working my way through the freezer is sort of a chore because, I’m not a big carnivore.. what’s a weeks worth of beefy, porky or other critter goodness for most people…. is a month or two if not longer for me.. plus its an accent rather than the main event..

Except for cod, salmon and other non-mammalian critters.

Or pizza which is its own food group and I’m missing it in a way I’m not diggin….

But the freezer contents need to be dealt with… I’m thinking “lamb” curry or “lamb” and barley pilaf…

It’s just not all that pretty to look at… well maybe, I dunno, it depends and whatever…. I’m not a food stylist so, therefore have no clue..


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