Unpacking, sorting, repacking and annoying myself.

This is Berto… hes a South American stalker dog given to chicanery and connivance.. in a classic pose


His favorite pastime aside from sock theft, boxer theft and burrowing into anything, including but not limited to a 50 lb sack of potting soil, shopping bags etc..

Is faking an injury for food, sympathy or to make me look bad..if not all three at once… Which seems to be his notion of a trifecta.

Lately he’s discovered climbing… first onto the couch.. then the back of the couch.. then finally to the shelving above the couch..

Where he then rearranges things to suit himself in a pile preferably on the floor and replace them with a select few items of his own choosing… like my socks, boxers and a T shirt that I wanna poke with a stick…

And I thought I had issues….

It’s like living with a furry federale, I can’t make a move without getting hit up for La Mordida.. be it food or personal favors.. pet me, brush me, amuse me… I want some of what you’re eating.. which I should maybe do more of, so he’ll get to fat to cause problems..


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