Every one needs a Jade bowl..

I found my jade stash while rummaging through the shop… and it seems there were a goodly number…


I sort of go for the camo greens because I think its funny.. in that juxtaposed ironic kind of way…

Elegant shape and material meets house on wheels Jeeter sensibility’s..

It’s my idea of a joke.. and a visual mnemonic to remind me about things seldom being what they seem…

But my sense of humor is sort of out there…..

A kid who’s mom my son was dating asked me for something to take to show and tell…

So I gave it too him… told him the story and off he goes….I got a panicked phone call from the school an hour later… which was expected.

Seems a museum grade fossil sino-hydrosarus the size of a dinner plate caused quite a stir.. and I’d handed it over to a 8 year old.

I thought that was funny too… and amused myself for the rest of the year sending him off to school with even more arcane bits and pieces.. including ancient Roman coins, amber with bugs in it or stuff that fell from space….

Seems he learned a lot……


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