Starting the day…

Actually I’d skipped breakfast…

I don’t have to burn up body mass today, so no sense loading up on energy with no outlet..


There was some lamb out that needed to be dealt with… and that was kinda the motive.. it might look like a lot of food, but its not…

I do the “small plate trick” to fool myself into thinking there is more than there is.. then fill said plate with a little of this and that.. for dietary diversity.

I was mostly after the poached eggs, and the rest was obligatory mostly because I don’t think a one item breakfast is very smart…or exactly healthy.

Mostly I opt for rolled oats and dried fruit.. but I’m out of oats and every bit of fruit in the house is soaking in cheap rum…

I don’t drink, so why exactly is a mystery… other than I happen to like flavor profiles that take ones breath away..

Subtlety is not something I strive for except in conversation with someone close to me and even then there are OMG moments


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