Meet the new lunch, same as the old lunch

The expedient lunch, everything was close at hand, which dictated the whole event..

I didn’t feel like thinking.. because I’ve put in enough thought for the day..and that sort of thing needs to be kept in check..


So lunch was Zen…. or at least a few minutes to zone out…

The cod needs to be dealt with later… prolly steamed, dilled, capered and lemonized.. with a salad…and maybe bruschetta of some ilk..

I read a rant earlier today about artisanal toast that nearly killed me….

She was impressively deranged.. but right none the less..

I almost feel guilty….given bruschetta has points in common with artisanal toast..

What saves me is that it hasn’t been hipsterized into the void.. and still counts as food rather than some sort of quasi elitist statement..

It’s working class food.. not a $7 entree that dummies over pay for… even though they do.



  1. Glad you posted this! I was unaware the toast contagion had spread here to the Twin Cities – but without the amazing story behind the originator of the idea, without being able to sit on a tree and balance it all…then it’s all toast.


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