Coconut covered chaos…

Or Ladduu depending on how sticky it is…


Cooling it overnight makes it less gooey… which I didn’t do.

Medjool dates were added… which was major over-kill, since they tend to be a stand alone thing… but I like over-kill.

The rest of the dates are going to be chopped up with coconut and almonds and rolled up in little balls.. not that it’s needed, I just want to see whats what….

The last few days dinner has been all about cheese and crackers or foccia bread and anything I can put on it with minimal effort..

Except for a pizza and that bruschetta incident…. or the plain ramen noodles, because I like plain noodles now and then.. and it was “now” then..

I still have cheese and crackers, so I’m hiding out till they’re gone.. then its back to actually cooking…

Assuming I’m not busy packing.. I have a flight to take shortly sooooo, that needs tending to.. despite a loathing of planes, plane food, security check points, buying new Tshirts, socks and boxers etc.. actually I like the last three.. it beats doing laundry..and they’re ready to go in a suit case….

Logistics and bureaucratic hurdles..unngh

I can hardly wait till excitement replaces that OMG induced knot in my stomach..



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