Coffee as ritual

I have 3 cups of coffee in the morning because that’s the amount my press makes.. the first I enjoy, the second I zone out on and don’t remember, the third can go either way..

The element of mindfulness and “be here now” is full on in the beginning… but as soon as I’m fully awake, its game on and I’m thinking about the day rather than the moment…

So the second cup suffers…. the WTH factor kicks in when its realized that cup two is gone with no recall of the event.. which sucks me back into coffee reality.. most of the time..

The ritual aspect of it all needs some refinement to enhance focus.. the grinding, almost boiling and measuring are good.. along with timing the steep till pressing.. its ok, quiet, pleasurable, routine and nearly mechanical… which works since I’m not fully awake or functional..

Maybe a new cup…. something serene and hand made, contemplative and artful rather than my current “let the stress begin” cup with attendant logo…

A table cloth and cut flowers are asking too much… besides that I’m a guy and live like a bear with soap and some furniture..

Breakfast takes a minute… I’m never convinced I’ll live first thing in the morning.. Which means, I sneak up on breakfast when its safe to do so….all Chi in place and red ta go…

A scrambled “just woke up” reality is no time to scramble eggs there is a risk that dimensions will align and then the day gets scrambled…. first, just to test the water.

The cigarette thing needs to go… sucking on burning plant material seems a very un-zen way to start breathing again


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