Month: November 2014

The Daily

I has a smoked fish…because my snack foods are eclectic…and I’m sort of like a giant omnivorous hamster..

The fish in question is a Trevally….and pronounced more like turkey than anything else.. which is prolly what I wanna hear…

That aside..I dunno, it’s kinda got a texture like cold ham fat…. cept it’s a fish… not that I object ham fat and it’s goin in the miso… so thats that..

It seems my weight being 220 is cause for concern….and I need to gain 20 or 30 pounds… lest my manly beauty fade..

I’m actually sleeping now…. which hasn’t been the norm for a few years… the not eating thing is still a problem “kinda”…. but whatever…. adjusting intake is automatic..

The new camera is getting a work out and I poke at the I phone like a chimp getting termites with a stick…

The cat stalks me, but now shes in season and stalks everything… including the furniture..

We went by the track on the way to the market and are going to the races at some point.. it’s all bikes and big blocks.. so lets see how its done here..

And.. we’re headed to a night market at some point cause we just are..and it’s supposed to be quite the event…

I’m still not allowed to cross the street alone (for good reason) but it is what it is.. I am starting to look the right direction about %20 of the time so it’s improving and I may not die as quickly….

But rescuing me from becoming road kill seems to be Ok with everyone… so whatever….

I met a fake American at the market..

Not once but twice…he was selling crystals, but for some reason couldn’t name any shows or even identify his merchandise, which was d grade at best…

Not that I care, good luck to ya pal… but you’re not an American. and it wasn’t just his timid bearing and pasty softness.. even the accent was off… That boy has never seen the light of day in the US much less Arizona sun…

He just kept digging a hole that even his girl style cowboy hat couldn’t cover.. but when you’re a Canadian it’s best to pretend to be an American and have a personality……. lest one get beat up by an Asian woman in the food court for stealing exotic mayonnaise and bringing a big mac to her stall..

I avoided him second go round….. I felt the Chi being sucked out of my body..

But whatever.. they have American hot dogs at the market, apparently saying anything is American is a popular selling point.. Like we don’t get most of our stuff from China…

I just keep going till I can’t read the signs anymore and eat whatever their selling… unless it has wheels or a sweat band…

Today aside from fish and chips… pronounced fush n chups… I got into some home-style peppers sauces..hahahhahaha

it’s so cute they think they can make hot sauces……

Anything works

curry street food

I really like make do food tents, wagons, trucks and trailers.. it feels like home before everyone got all tense and stupid because of marketing by factory fast “food” and supposed safety issues..More people get sick at a chain than a food wagon hands down..including Mexico

New Zealand, Otara Market..


First stop off the plane we went to Otara market… which involved Thai chicken on a stick…and a latte from some guy that works hot air balloon events in the US who regaled me with stories of getting lost between Havasu and Reno..  The moral of the story being…..never trust GPS or free White Russians

Second stop involved vindaloo beef which had a warning sign on it due to spice content, and apparently was deemed risky for Europeans, but Arizona people aren’t European.. or prone to bland anything.. we wanna sweat while eating ice cream

Its all a blur of steamed buns, fried dumplings and goat curry for breakfast….

Not to mention Thai chicken curry pie….


New Zealand bound…

Alllllll packed and ready to go, I will be leaving tomorrow from lAX… and taking my horse with me because it guarantees a modicum of in-flight privacy..

Personally I think the suit and tie lends a goodly amount of dignity and style to the whole ensemble..

Nothing like Chuck Taylors and a horse head mask while wearing a suit ant tie to make a style statement….

It should be epic.. yet random… getting organized was some major stress, so many things went so wrong, so often… it got on my nerves and I’m a calm guy most of the time…

I’m takin the horse head…. mostly because I couldn’t find a full head rabbit mask I liked and they were sort of weird..

The GF has me down for barrista classes, artisinal breads and a charcuterie course.. not that I can actually spell it…. the last few weeks have been my notion of stress hell, glitches and problems… but whatever, I insured my Im good to go.. its me a rental car and age inappropriate music… puddle of mudd at 2,000 db should fix my attitude…


All is well on the dinner front…

I tried getting a photo, but its not happening, given low light, the bubbling cauldron of a crock pot and a whole lot of steam..

My interest was else where… mostly having to do with a “can I eat it now” scenario….

Tonight it’s all about chili’s and making use of a generous and varied supply…

First round battle being chili Colorado because the freezer needs emptying and I feel special…

I go mid-range on the heat because at some point it mostly burns and kills the flavor…. which is kind of pointless..

Keep it simple, cheap beef, salt, onion, garlic, cumin and chilis.. corn tortillas on the side or tortilla chips mushed into the bowl..

Tomatoes were also involved for some reason.. which may be negligence rather than planned… But its still good and I don’t really care..

The chili it’s self is chunky rather than smooth since I don’t wanna let cook for two days nor do I want to use a boat motor on it much less clean it afterwards.. besides which texture is good regardless of edicts handed down by CASI and the various chili gods in human form…

My dinner and they can hush..

I was a CASI judge a time or two and did learn a few things… dial back on cumin and drink as much beer as possible between judging entries.. cause it could get unpleasant given sundry secret ingredients. yak fat or whatever…zebra cheese..zombie parts, I dunno, it was generally secret..

A dirty, dirty, shameful secret… we never knew who’s entry we were judging.. which is just as well, because reprisals might have been an option..or at least choking someone a little…

Not that it wasn’t fun….. with a few WTH why is this sooo amazingly bad moments.. Mostly it was cumin or yak fat.. the next big flaw was using sirloin or NY strip… Ummm..NO

Chili is best made out of the cheapest, toughest stuff you can find… it just tastes better…personally I like cheek meat which I get at a carneceria.. because most of my caucaziod brethren are kinda squeamish.. so they don’t sell it at Safeway..

Their loss… besides I like the guy at the carniceria better..


Other times other lives

Once upon a time,

I was an elected official (Town councilman) not because I wanted to be, but because it came under the heading of public service and duty.

When no one speaks for you, the people you care for or your way of life….. its on you to be the one…

There was no ego appeal, I had no desire to be popular or “be someone”.. it was about doing the job as defined by the oath.

I put in 60-80 hours a week between doing the Towns business and study… Town code and ordinances, State Statutes as relate to governance, grant proposals and all the things that relate to seeking the greatest good for the greatest number.

I was notorious for voting “NO” regardless of pressures to “go along to get along” and my vote often was the sole no..

That my reasons were clear and irrefutable had no bearing.. I would not vote aye based on incomplete, faulty or falsified information… the answer to the call for the vote in that case was invariably “No”, there were other “NO” votes on items that were contrary to law, our best interests or placed undue restrictions on participation in the political process…or peoples personal lives, not to mention expansion of debt via mismanagement..

For which I was constantly ridiculed… maligned, mocked and subjected to public disapproval, by the ruling clique..

I would habitually vomit before each session… I had no choice but to vote my conscience with the common good and law as my deciding factor… regardless of influence, pressure, personal interest or any other consideration…

A good part of my studies and training was in emergency management, which is something I find extremely valuable for a public official to know…and I reached a very high rank, based on achievement not politics…

I was offered a 3 year contract at $70,000 per year if I would resign…. I said no, my $400 per month stipend was just fine and I liked my vote…. which lead to outright war..

All of that leads to this… a day or so ago, I made statements regarding my opposition to issuing contracts for a chief of police, a Town manager and others…. and cited the code which disallows the entire scenario. As well as reasons why it is a bad idea

I was genuinely thanked rather than cursed for the information…. you have no idea how rare that is… it was kinda sad, but whatever..

Some people are sheep others lemmings.. I find that wrangling my dinner is less stressful and hiding out way less lonely…

I hated being a councilman… it was the most demeaning thing I’ve ever done… I was forced to serve on council with low life, I would never speak to under any other circumstance..

But I had to… there was no other choice.. I believe in stand up or shut up..