All is well on the dinner front…

I tried getting a photo, but its not happening, given low light, the bubbling cauldron of a crock pot and a whole lot of steam..

My interest was else where… mostly having to do with a “can I eat it now” scenario….

Tonight it’s all about chili’s and making use of a generous and varied supply…

First round battle being chili Colorado because the freezer needs emptying and I feel special…

I go mid-range on the heat because at some point it mostly burns and kills the flavor…. which is kind of pointless..

Keep it simple, cheap beef, salt, onion, garlic, cumin and chilis.. corn tortillas on the side or tortilla chips mushed into the bowl..

Tomatoes were also involved for some reason.. which may be negligence rather than planned… But its still good and I don’t really care..

The chili it’s self is chunky rather than smooth since I don’t wanna let cook for two days nor do I want to use a boat motor on it much less clean it afterwards.. besides which texture is good regardless of edicts handed down by CASI and the various chili gods in human form…

My dinner and they can hush..

I was a CASI judge a time or two and did learn a few things… dial back on cumin and drink as much beer as possible between judging entries.. cause it could get unpleasant given sundry secret ingredients. yak fat or whatever…zebra cheese..zombie parts, I dunno, it was generally secret..

A dirty, dirty, shameful secret… we never knew who’s entry we were judging.. which is just as well, because reprisals might have been an option..or at least choking someone a little…

Not that it wasn’t fun….. with a few WTH why is this sooo amazingly bad moments.. Mostly it was cumin or yak fat.. the next big flaw was using sirloin or NY strip… Ummm..NO

Chili is best made out of the cheapest, toughest stuff you can find… it just tastes better…personally I like cheek meat which I get at a carneceria.. because most of my caucaziod brethren are kinda squeamish.. so they don’t sell it at Safeway..

Their loss… besides I like the guy at the carniceria better..



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