New Zealand bound…

Alllllll packed and ready to go, I will be leaving tomorrow from lAX… and taking my horse with me because it guarantees a modicum of in-flight privacy..

Personally I think the suit and tie lends a goodly amount of dignity and style to the whole ensemble..

Nothing like Chuck Taylors and a horse head mask while wearing a suit ant tie to make a style statement….

It should be epic.. yet random… getting organized was some major stress, so many things went so wrong, so often… it got on my nerves and I’m a calm guy most of the time…

I’m takin the horse head…. mostly because I couldn’t find a full head rabbit mask I liked and they were sort of weird..

The GF has me down for barrista classes, artisinal breads and a charcuterie course.. not that I can actually spell it…. the last few weeks have been my notion of stress hell, glitches and problems… but whatever, I insured my Im good to go.. its me a rental car and age inappropriate music… puddle of mudd at 2,000 db should fix my attitude…



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