I met a fake American at the market..

Not once but twice…he was selling crystals, but for some reason couldn’t name any shows or even identify his merchandise, which was d grade at best…

Not that I care, good luck to ya pal… but you’re not an American. and it wasn’t just his timid bearing and pasty softness.. even the accent was off… That boy has never seen the light of day in the US much less Arizona sun…

He just kept digging a hole that even his girl style cowboy hat couldn’t cover.. but when you’re a Canadian it’s best to pretend to be an American and have a personality……. lest one get beat up by an Asian woman in the food court for stealing exotic mayonnaise and bringing a big mac to her stall..

I avoided him second go round….. I felt the Chi being sucked out of my body..

But whatever.. they have American hot dogs at the market, apparently saying anything is American is a popular selling point.. Like we don’t get most of our stuff from China…

I just keep going till I can’t read the signs anymore and eat whatever their selling… unless it has wheels or a sweat band…

Today aside from fish and chips… pronounced fush n chups… I got into some home-style peppers sauces..hahahhahaha

it’s so cute they think they can make hot sauces……


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