Intermission is over…..

What can I say, life intrudes on whatever it is I do here….

For instance a trip to New Zealand replete with durian and sundry adventures… mostly round about’s and having to be escorted across streets because I habitually look the wrong way….

Swimming with jellyfish and the gf in the Tasman sea….. my usual 2:00 AM wanderings…which in this case had to do with the southern cross and the unease of the stars being “different”…

I’m a desert dweller so all the green was a shock to the senses…

The markets were Asian, which was different (to me), so I ate my way through them, because anything on a stick works for me..

There were some minor horse head adventures…and lighthouse exploring..

There was the sensation of something being off in the town square….. I was surrounded by white people and not a Mexican in sight, it kinda freaked me out….. then I got homesickish.. for corn tortillas and jalapeno’s….

So we got chilis and a pigs head and did first aid on my psyche….

The mighty GF went from chef to baker and is now working on beekeeping and has her own hives….which she keeps after when shes not doing pastry…or working at her bee job for a commercial out fit…

My world is the same….I/E food obsession driven, odd studies and plotting…100_9335


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