Meet the infamous durian

They have a reputation which I don’t think is deserved at all… they were good and had no horrific reek….

I suspect its just bad press to keep them from being eaten by touristas and dilettantes from food network, who have ruined countless food cultures….

Seriously.. when a food is affordable for anyone…some clown with a cable show “discovers” it and the price shoots through the roof till the people it came from cant afford it….

Case in point..hog jowls are more expensive than bacon, for exactly that reason… they became fashionable and popular.. same with chicken wings and a host of poor folk foods… $4 per pound for wings (former cat food)….under a buck per pound for a bag of hind quarters..

And being cheap..I’m always looking for the next affordable food frontier….beef tounge got discovered by the teeming masses.. so thats no longer a fiscally viable protein…but pig tongue is still unexplored territory and just as good…



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