Month: March 2018

And the wheels go round an round

I just made a go fund me page…. its about saving bees, its a thing… cause they pollinate our food crops and  neonicotinoids are killing them.. along with the panic over Africanized bees…..the panic is unwarrented… most arent Africanized some are just grumpy as….but people go crazy trying to kill them

I also collect wild swarms and feral colonies which have made a home in someones wall, attic or garage…. which kinda is a pain, but the alternative is an exterminator gets called…

I get them out alive…

Even the exterminator doesn’t want to kill bees..he’d rather call me so I can suffer.. my worst job I got about 50 stings and was half eaten by fire ants… my tongue went numb and I was an hour from a hospital which had me worried……but I got the bees, and about 100 lbs of honey… which I kept for me, because they fought me for it… and I nearly died….

Now its destined to be mead… 🙂