Social life on the low end of the bell curve

Burger King is about it for my social life….

They have free coffee refills and wifi, plus unlimited tweakers for entertainment..

I live on a reservation so the options are limited…. especially if you don’t drink or tweak…

I know every derelict in town, and thankfully “town” isn’t that big… but even so it’s an extravaganza of silly shit…and random violence…one guy who screams at cars another who rides a bike here and there…and is prone to go into gas stations then demand they call 911…at which point he lays down in the driveway till the ambulance comes… its about air-conditioning, a “free” meal, Thorazine or some shit…maybe an overnight stay in a private room…. which ain’t good given he’s also a thief…and people in hospitals arent exactly paying attention..

But whatever….

I have this native girl whos a pal… and she has a thing about being Batman… this is Murica, go ahead and be Batman… I have my own quirks..

I really need to get the whole cooking thing going… but its kinda too hot for all that… except pizza, which is quick…and the oven is outside…


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