Rain is the OMG factor

When you’re in the desert, rain is a big deal….

Its almost a celebration, but for sure a ritual…. everyone goes out and stands in it till they are soaked… there was 5 of us out in the weather, thunder, lightening, and rain so hard it leaves bruises… what surprised me is everyone kept their clothes on….it is a reservation and no one gives a damn…but the fellas were at work, so decorum was the order of the day….

Hepah had just left, she caught a ride with one of her 200 her cousins…..lest she melt in the rain, which is a funny attitude for a tribal woman born an bred for the desert….

But whatever…she doesn’t like lightening either… nor do I for that matter, anything that can pop me open like a microwaved hot dog, needs to be avoided…..

🙂 the weather is a hoot… it hits 135 on a regular basis and I don’t have AC.. I note a pork roast is done at 145…. its a whole lot of nope…

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