Wait what?

I live on a reservation which can be problematic because everyone is at least cousins……..

I’m an easy going and approachable guy, except when Im not… the rez rule is be a stand up guy and don’t start trouble.. or run from it..

Its all very late 50’s…

I have fans… my little lady pal has a crush, to her Im perfect in a weird way…  but thats not it…. My boy is her cousin… He’s been my guy since he got out of the federal lock up, we hit it off from the beginning… he’s a classic  stand up guy

There were incidents….and I had his back, which has been noted…

He’s a manager now… and tells his minions I have a tribal ID..which means perpetual discounts.. .it kills me because I couldn’t look any more Irish or be any less interested in claiming an ancestry not mine…

But the cousins have spoken… apparently I’ve passed some hood rat test… yeah well… I wasn’t raised to be shy…slow to get in the mix…or look down my nose at others…

Its complicated….maybe convoluted…



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