Canine quirks

About to be smoked tounge


One Beef tongue


One Beef tongue trimmed, mostly because it wouldn’t fit in my little crock pot as is


The tongue ended up in the deep fryer.. which gets used as an emergency crock pot but has better temperature controls any way…


And there it abides for a few hours in pickling spices at which point it gets peeled and smoked…the trim went into the pot as well.. waste not want not.. besides Berto likes it when he gets extras.

As a side note…

Smoked tongue runs about $15 per pound and that’s just because its not fashionable..


My dog is odd..

100_7881 This is Berto working his cuteness mojo.. he actually has some talent for fakery and hustling head rubs.. he was a rescue dog and cringed a lot when I got him, but that’s been over for a while.. He’s a happy little guy.. weird sometimes but Meeh.. who isn’t.

His interests are food, anything I’m doing, dirty socks and getting petted.. The occasional walk is big as well…but if the ground is too hot for me to walk bare-foot its too hot for him..and I’m not getting him flip flops.