And its the lamb project


I found lamb, while emptying the freezer..

If its on sale, fish, chicken, whatever…. I grab it and hide it away like a giant meat eating squirrel.

I decided it needed to be a pastie thing.. because I don’t wanna grill it or do any of that.. no particular reason other than is sounded good…

It mutated into more of a tart… which worked out and looked nice regardless.


Avocado and cigarbox suprise

I was asked to post today’s treasure…. which happened to be a .77 cent avocado and two wooden cigar boxes.. one is headed to a salad and one is on its way to being one string guitar.. the last one is for keeping stuff in….probably netsuke since cigar boxes tend to be stable when it comes to humidity…


The close up of the .77 cent avocado is gratuitous.. they cost $2 in New Zealand and I like to point that out as often as possible. to annoy the gf..

I get a certain smug satisfaction out of it.. if by smug one means glee…


Coconut custard


I have to wait a day for the cheese cake to sit… the rice pudding with rum raisins it is too much of a good thing…

And I wanted to give the ramekins a work out so the option was coconut custard..

I think the next custard tinkering will be savory the only question being… what sounds good?

Asparagus might work… or some bacon, red pepper thing.. it needs a bit of pondering..and cheese..

I need to review the spice line and haunt the produce isle for possibility’s.. maybe leeks will do it…

Cheese cake and rice pudding


Cheese cake and rice pudding…. I dialed back on the rum soaked fruit in the pudding cause it made me sleepy..

The cheese cake was about testing my recipe so I went full size.. which is probably going to be a problem because I’ll most likely live on cheese cake for a few days and eat the whole thing..


The white rabbit is sitting at the new table to creep me out and be all judgy should I lack discipline…

I really should make an effort to be more social, but I don’t like people hanging around… even the rabbit annoys me.

Beef about to be curry


Since I’ve been on a rice binge lately, curry seemed like a good idea and is now in progress..

It was a toss up choice for dinner.. either curry or chili but the decision was made based on rice and meat chunkitude..

Chili is a completely different philosophy… and involves low quality meat rather than pretty stuff.. its all about time and cooking everything slowly…especially beef cheeks..

Rice pudding


I remembered some raisins, currant’s and dried cherries that have been taking up fridge space soaking in rum and spices for over a month..

The usual basic rice pudding got a make over and the result was an OMG that’s so good moment.. the problem is I make a quart at a time and think it needs to be eaten NOW..

Which is a hold over from my pre-fridge third world lifestyle.. and yet another story, everything I cooked had to last a week on a counter….

Rum raisin tart…


Its a work in progress…there’s brie in the bottom and it gets topped with whipped cream or ricotta at some point after cooling..

Then I went off on a tangent…. why not make the next go round a custard or do a cheese cake riff… both ideas got added to the current project list and into the book they go..

The scent is amazing, rum, spices and fruits all working improve my dinner.. not that its dinner, its the great rarity of a dessert..

Basil in a flower pot….


Some people can grow anything, but I’m not one of them..

Not that it stops me from trying… I like garden chores and tending potted plants, bug hunting and the various duties involved..

Fresh basil and other herbs are a big deal and it only takes a window box…Plus the uncanny ability to not croak said herbs..

I think growing kitchen herbs should be a required part of ones education.. a social distinction and gentlemanly past time.

Too bad I suck at it… The next step is finding a big fish tank installing grow lights and turning it into a terrarium, which is the only way plants survive around me.. 😦 except goat heads and cactus…

This time I have the basil inside, rather than outside in the shade and 110 degree heat..

I should bring one into the house with me and see which one survives..

Spice boxes


Spice racks don’t really work in my world, because they aren’t the size of bookcases.

So I have a couple of kitchen drawers dedicated to making a spice pile.. which is problematic when I want something.

That aside spice boxes are the bomb.. the problem is getting one big enough, but not quite as big as a Korean apothecary chest. which isn’t a bad idea.

I like Indian spice boxes, but would need to stack them like a dabbawalla and then have too hear how weird I am, as if I cared.

I do have some small antique chests that on occasion get used as spice boxes, but they tend to get pre-empted for storage as needed and hidden away somewhere.

Most American type spice chests are too small, which is kind of an issue.. one good sized dried chili fills a drawer..

I think a trip to the tobacco shop is needed so some cigar box re-tasking can be looked into…or a humidor..