Flea market pizza oven review..

Pizza oven

Pizza oven

I posted this photo before in the context of confusing co-workers at lunch time…

However, its also a life style enhancement if you like pizza and non-poofy flat breads or crostini.

I got this one at a flea market for $20 its a commercial Tony’s Pizza oven, its fast, simple and dependable.. I doesn’t need warm up time, doesn’t heat up the house, it cooks a pizza in 10 minutes.. its portable and its shiny.

One 12″ pizza the way I want it, paid for the thing.

Budget 101

100_6945 A good pizza costs minimum $15-$20 at a non chain, non-soggy, non-greasy pizzeria..

Make your own exactly how you like it $1.50-$2.00 add a few friends who bring beer if you’re so inclined and you have a social event..

Or hoard it and have whats left for breakfast…

I happen to like ramen…. but the first thing I do is throw away the seasoning packets and mess with my dinner… an egg goes in.. be it boiled, sliced, raw or egg thread style, then add whatever, red pepper flakes, ginger, scallions or anything else I can think of… a hot and sour riff isn’t out of the question, nor is Miso…shrimp, cod fish shavings or nori unusual.. it still comes in at under $1 and won’t kill you like the dollar menu will…

The thing about making a budget a non suffering part of life is being able to like what you have or change things around in such a like what you have.

You can have a survival mindset and fight through it.. OR enjoy it and prevail in a happy jolly kinda way..

Secret two is a pantry..3 is knowledge.. 4 is to adapt and cross cultures as often as possible.. its mostly the same stuff done in different ways…

Hummis assuming you like it… is $4 or more, made at home starting with chickpeas on the hoof is .25 cents… chapatis, naan, and pitas to name a few flat breads cost about the same..if that.

As take out or retail, its expensive stuff..but made at home, it isn’t and its the bomb..