Shave like a boss..

100_8953 My GF was shocked when she saw I used a straight razor… by shocked I mean fascinated and there-in lies a tale, but not today’s tale..

So I showed her how to use a razor in a very hands on way… this is how you hold it, keep the skin tight, find the angle and slide the blade down, rather than across my throat.. don’t look away from the blade, always move in a straight line and close the razor before you step away, I made a single stroke…..Then handed her the razor..

Her eyes were huge and her heart was beating like a rabbits.. but she got it done with no blood shed and was excited about it… so it became a regular thing, I showed her how to make soap and use the badger to work up the lather, strop the razor and all that…

When she went back to New Zeland she took my favorite razor to her son, as a gift from me and taught him how to use it as my proxy.. He now refuses any other method and is a convert to old school pretty much everything…