Aside from food, dinner and baking

028018I have other interests, aside from baking and dinner.. I occasionally work as a silversmith.. which is a good fit for my world, high value, small space, etc.. the stones are mostly opals, turquoise and amber.. which become rings, pendants or whatever, made specifically for the client on the spot considering skin tone, eye color and personal preferences..

There are boxes upon boxes of pirate loot, enough to fill a 10X20 booth a few times, along with things seldom seen outside of museums.. which has a particular appeal to my sense of humor and irony.. People who are in my personal life seldom or never see more than one or two pieces.. its a security thing. People at shows have no clue where I come from, live or go next..another security thing..

Marketing according to Sun Tzu..

I love the market grind, and being nomadic… but one needs must evolve and adapt at some point, Esty looks good, with lots of interesting things happening. AND no 30 hour drives to a show…no set ups, or tons of loading and unloading, no hustlers, professional thieves, grifters or blown engines..

The hard part is not having face to face contact….and seeing the OMG I need that light come on..