What is this “word press” you speak of?

Yeah well, I’ve been busy….or lazy depending on point of view…

My dinner goes on sort of….however I’ve discovered bees, honey and mead..which has may attention for the foreseeable….




Meet the infamous durian

They have a reputation which I don’t think is deserved at all… they were good and had no horrific reek….

I suspect its just bad press to keep them from being eaten by touristas and dilettantes from food network, who have ruined countless food cultures….

Seriously.. when a food is affordable for anyone…some clown with a cable show “discovers” it and the price shoots through the roof till the people it came from cant afford it….

Case in point..hog jowls are more expensive than bacon, for exactly that reason… they became fashionable and popular.. same with chicken wings and a host of poor folk foods… $4 per pound for wings (former cat food)….under a buck per pound for a bag of hind quarters..

And being cheap..I’m always looking for the next affordable food frontier….beef tounge got discovered by the teeming masses.. so thats no longer a fiscally viable protein…but pig tongue is still unexplored territory and just as good…


Intermission is over…..

What can I say, life intrudes on whatever it is I do here….

For instance a trip to New Zealand replete with durian and sundry adventures… mostly round about’s and having to be escorted across streets because I habitually look the wrong way….

Swimming with jellyfish and the gf in the Tasman sea….. my usual 2:00 AM wanderings…which in this case had to do with the southern cross and the unease of the stars being “different”…

I’m a desert dweller so all the green was a shock to the senses…

The markets were Asian, which was different (to me), so I ate my way through them, because anything on a stick works for me..

There were some minor horse head adventures…and lighthouse exploring..

There was the sensation of something being off in the town square….. I was surrounded by white people and not a Mexican in sight, it kinda freaked me out….. then I got homesickish.. for corn tortillas and jalapeno’s….

So we got chilis and a pigs head and did first aid on my psyche….

The mighty GF went from chef to baker and is now working on beekeeping and has her own hives….which she keeps after when shes not doing pastry…or working at her bee job for a commercial out fit…

My world is the same….I/E food obsession driven, odd studies and plotting…100_9335

I met a fake American at the market..

Not once but twice…he was selling crystals, but for some reason couldn’t name any shows or even identify his merchandise, which was d grade at best…

Not that I care, good luck to ya pal… but you’re not an American. and it wasn’t just his timid bearing and pasty softness.. even the accent was off… That boy has never seen the light of day in the US much less Arizona sun…

He just kept digging a hole that even his girl style cowboy hat couldn’t cover.. but when you’re a Canadian it’s best to pretend to be an American and have a personality……. lest one get beat up by an Asian woman in the food court for stealing exotic mayonnaise and bringing a big mac to her stall..

I avoided him second go round….. I felt the Chi being sucked out of my body..

But whatever.. they have American hot dogs at the market, apparently saying anything is American is a popular selling point.. Like we don’t get most of our stuff from China…

I just keep going till I can’t read the signs anymore and eat whatever their selling… unless it has wheels or a sweat band…

Today aside from fish and chips… pronounced fush n chups… I got into some home-style peppers sauces..hahahhahaha

it’s so cute they think they can make hot sauces……

Anything works

curry street food

I really like make do food tents, wagons, trucks and trailers.. it feels like home before everyone got all tense and stupid because of marketing by factory fast “food” and supposed safety issues..More people get sick at a chain than a food wagon hands down..including Mexico

New Zealand bound…

Alllllll packed and ready to go, I will be leaving tomorrow from lAX… and taking my horse with me because it guarantees a modicum of in-flight privacy..

Personally I think the suit and tie lends a goodly amount of dignity and style to the whole ensemble..

Nothing like Chuck Taylors and a horse head mask while wearing a suit ant tie to make a style statement….

It should be epic.. yet random… getting organized was some major stress, so many things went so wrong, so often… it got on my nerves and I’m a calm guy most of the time…

I’m takin the horse head…. mostly because I couldn’t find a full head rabbit mask I liked and they were sort of weird..

The GF has me down for barrista classes, artisinal breads and a charcuterie course.. not that I can actually spell it…. the last few weeks have been my notion of stress hell, glitches and problems… but whatever, I insured my stuff..so Im good to go.. its me a rental car and age inappropriate music… puddle of mudd at 2,000 db should fix my attitude…


Every one needs a Jade bowl..

I found my jade stash while rummaging through the shop… and it seems there were a goodly number…


I sort of go for the camo greens because I think its funny.. in that juxtaposed ironic kind of way…

Elegant shape and material meets house on wheels Jeeter sensibility’s..

It’s my idea of a joke.. and a visual mnemonic to remind me about things seldom being what they seem…

But my sense of humor is sort of out there…..

A kid who’s mom my son was dating asked me for something to take to show and tell…

So I gave it too him… told him the story and off he goes….I got a panicked phone call from the school an hour later… which was expected.

Seems a museum grade fossil sino-hydrosarus the size of a dinner plate caused quite a stir.. and I’d handed it over to a 8 year old.

I thought that was funny too… and amused myself for the rest of the year sending him off to school with even more arcane bits and pieces.. including ancient Roman coins, amber with bugs in it or stuff that fell from space….

Seems he learned a lot……

Unpacking, sorting, repacking and annoying myself.

This is Berto… hes a South American stalker dog given to chicanery and connivance.. in a classic pose


His favorite pastime aside from sock theft, boxer theft and burrowing into anything, including but not limited to a 50 lb sack of potting soil, shopping bags etc..

Is faking an injury for food, sympathy or to make me look bad..if not all three at once… Which seems to be his notion of a trifecta.

Lately he’s discovered climbing… first onto the couch.. then the back of the couch.. then finally to the shelving above the couch..

Where he then rearranges things to suit himself in a pile preferably on the floor and replace them with a select few items of his own choosing… like my socks, boxers and a T shirt that I wanna poke with a stick…

And I thought I had issues….

It’s like living with a furry federale, I can’t make a move without getting hit up for La Mordida.. be it food or personal favors.. pet me, brush me, amuse me… I want some of what you’re eating.. which I should maybe do more of, so he’ll get to fat to cause problems..

Enter the dragon..


Aside from dinner, straight razors and getting bucked off the bicycle on a regular basis..

I go through my loot collections, it’s a nice break… sort of like a visit too a museum back room where everything is interesting… and kept in boxes.

African trade beads… jade bowls, netsuke, defunct coinage and currency from defunct empires.. pre-money trade items, stuff that fell from the sky… the work of silversmiths I admire…or things so obscure only one person in a hundred has a clue…

It’s all about provenance and history.. art and workmanship… sometimes antiquity and the OMG factor….

Which entertains me no end….