Discovery at the meat counter

brisket bonesI saw brisket bones at the meat counter but I can see its pork and brisket is beef according to my thinking….. plus brisket is boneless, so I decided to investigate, it looked like a rib type thing, which it kinda is.. the “bones” weren’t bones but rather cartilage.. which is great because I like the small end of a rib rack which has exactly that in it…its more succulent for lack of a better term..

Long story short, it became low and slow BBQ fodder…. and a revelation, it was cheap, one of those pre-food network items that people go for at least till its popularized out of reach… like tri tip and chicken wings.. tongue and a host of other former “off cuts” the elite can’t be bothered with, till said off cuts are declared fashionable….

I tend to like off-cuts and whatnot…. it can be a challenge to get over cultural squeamishness and learn how to cook them right..

Tongue, kidneys, sweet breads, heart and what not are amazing if done properly.. the trick is in the prep, methodology and seasoning, which I enjoy figuring out, besides, it tends to be inexpensive as far as vices go..

Make a rub, apply to “brisket bones” slow smoke at about 220ish for as long as it takes, I like 10 hours but it can be done in 2 at 300 wrapped in foil then stuck in an oven..

It’s good stuff..