I have some suspicions….


I’m supposed to be going to New Zealand to visit the GF.

However as an incentive..not that one is required, she’s decided to fill my idle time with courses at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine.. Plus anywhere else I want to go so I keep busy as per my compulsions..

Which is pretty sweet…

But I suspect she plans to have me bring back homework from charcuterie classes in the form of pancetta and be her personal chef…

Whatever, it works for me…

Besides they have lamb and mutton as well as an ocean full of fish on all sides….lets see how they like lamb tacos not to mention civiche…

Assuming I don’t get arrested for prying mussels off the rocks somewhere or other hi-jinks involving free food..



100_6920I like pointing out the obvious almost as much as redundancy and the whole passive aggressive thing..

My friends know I’m messing with them and make sure I suffer for it… not that I do, I laugh when they try to annoy me..

But I digress,

I live in a little trailer or at least sleep, cook and hide there, when I’m not in the shop or out running around which is most of the time..

The point is, I can pretty much cook, bake or do anything else I want in three feet of space, with whats at hand… even a $20 oven from a salvage yard.. a $1,500 oven from Home Depot might be wonderful..but it just does the same thing I’m already doing, plus I don’t have to cough up $1,480..

Win Win…. besides, I don’t have to deal with house guests.. which is win, win, win.

Its all part of the master plan…