New Zealand, Otara Market..


First stop off the plane we went to Otara market… which involved Thai chicken on a stick…and a latte from some guy that works hot air balloon events in the US who regaled me with stories of getting lost between Havasu and Reno..  The moral of the story being…..never trust GPS or free White Russians

Second stop involved vindaloo beef which had a warning sign on it due to spice content, and apparently was deemed risky for Europeans, but Arizona people aren’t European.. or prone to bland anything.. we wanna sweat while eating ice cream

Its all a blur of steamed buns, fried dumplings and goat curry for breakfast….

Not to mention Thai chicken curry pie….





I think that’s what one calls it..”if” it’s not work related.

But being a working class type, I have no clue really… it’s just fun and skill building, a moment of artful relaxation..

Smoked gravlax is a favorite thing, smoked tongue is also high on the list…and since I’ve been so busy during project week, there’s a lot of both items and making the most of it is fun as well as a big payoff for the effort..

The portions look large but aren’t… and aside from that, a lot of small plates fool the appetite…

I doubt there were three ounces of gravlax or smoked tongue.. but quantity isn’t the issue, it’s mostly about finding brunch nirvana or Narnia depending on how you see it..

Its a quiet back to basics moment… which I tend to enjoy as much as dinner.