Indian Ladduu

Diawali…. Hindu festival of lights

My GF works with Indians and its Diawali so its kind of a big deal and she had her first taste of ladduu, dahl and various homemade Indian foods.. At which point she sends me recipes.. since I tend to like… anything basically.

This time it was a recipe for ladduu… which is in progress as we speak..


Its a lot like Mexican dulce de leche.. but different since coconut is involved, other types of Ladduu use dates and sesame seeds… so I’m thinking some fun is in order…

I did two half batches… one following the rules, the other not so much….

First batch coconut, caramelish goodness….

Second batch I kinda added bits from another recipe which was dates…. Then it went sideways.. if dates are good then raisins must be as well, especially if they’ve been soaking in a melange of spices and rum for over a month or so..

Good move… just a couple of tablespoons.. not an overwhelming glop.. you still want to get that coconut caramelish thing…

Which worked out..

And I was happy about it because, last night I was mashing together coconut, nuts, dates and dried fruit with a mortar and pestle figuring out a calorie dense snack to take on the plane… because I hate planes, airport restaurant, airplane food and pretty much everything about it… I do like picnic baskets and bento boxes though.. but just don’t know what the rules are on a plane.. one can suppose cutlery is out… but whatever..

Ladduu will make a nice addition to the hoard….