New and improved baked custard


I woke up in the middle of someone else’s night and got busy making baked custard, yet again..

One would think bouncing out of bed somewhere between midnight and 4:00 AM could be a problem, but it’s not (other than the stores being closed)..

It’s quiet, the night air is cool and I can concentrate on the tasks at hand, my mind is relatively fresh and relaxed..

Then I cook, bake or go off on random food tangents and decide to do something like make pickles..or spray paint the BBQ, Which works for me..

The Baked Custard project is one of those things rooted in nostalgia… Which I make for fun, then modify till it’s better than I remember..

Which isn’t all that hard given a half century time lapse….

I’m not sure whats driving me… other than food shouldn’t be sad, middle of the road one size fits all, blandness.. Music isn’t one note, art isn’t one color.. So I’m thinkin dinner might need to be more…. dynamic.

Which is sort of ironic when one is dealing with baked custard.. but makes sense when freshly grated nutmeg makes its statement followed by the silky texture of said custard and Mexican vanilla changes your notion of what you thought was good..


Random interests

100_8638Aside from work, dinner and baking.. I collect, buy and sell (in theory) mastodon ivory netsuke, dragons mostly, but I go for daily life scenes as well.. bakers, brewers, archers etc, which reflect my personal interests.. or because the work is exceptional… netsuke and jade bowls were my reward for holding it together one more season, under arguably brutal working conditions..

They meet the high value, small size criteria. my habitat/lifestyle requires…

Each and every one has a story… a who, what, when, where and how it was acquired..

The why is more convoluted..

Bacon and cabbage


100_8971 Every now and then you revert to comfort foods… which all depends on how you define comfort..

So lunch is cabbage and bacon, its different than when I was a kid in that it contains actual bacon, but it still works.

I use bacon ends, because I cut everything up anyway so why pay the overage? The cabbage isn’t fried its steamed.. and some shrimp got added to the mix, I was thinking the cabbage or bacon might overwhelm them, but wanted to know for sure….

It was actually a really good combo…

Red pepper flakes and black pepper were used in the cooking as was caraway seed… garlic and a little water to make steam once the bacon was rendered…

It was way better than memory… always a plus no?