#Pot pies

And its the lamb project


I found lamb, while emptying the freezer..

If its on sale, fish, chicken, whatever…. I grab it and hide it away like a giant meat eating squirrel.

I decided it needed to be a pastie thing.. because I don’t wanna grill it or do any of that.. no particular reason other than is sounded good…

It mutated into more of a tart… which worked out and looked nice regardless.


Rum raisin tart…


Its a work in progress…there’s brie in the bottom and it gets topped with whipped cream or ricotta at some point after cooling..

Then I went off on a tangent…. why not make the next go round a custard or do a cheese cake riff… both ideas got added to the current project list and into the book they go..

The scent is amazing, rum, spices and fruits all working together..to improve my dinner.. not that its dinner, its the great rarity of a dessert..

Beef Kidney



This is how it happens.. split the kidney, remove the bulk of the core fat, kinda cube it all to about the same size.. then soak it for a couple of hours.

I did change the water a couple of times, just to speed things up and because I was fidgeting..

The last kidney cookery event was grilling, with no soak, just trimmed sliced and onto the grill it went, which was fine.. I think soaking is cultural superstition, not a necessity.. but I have a pretty large tolerance for mineral tastes.. So I’ll give tradition a go.

I’m thinking steak and kidney pot pie.. So once the soaking is done, it all gets rolled in flour or cornstarch then browned, same with the steak, potatoes onions and all that… the pastry hasn’t been decided on yet..but that’s fine because the meat will freeze till there is a decision…

Pie dough and insomnia



Sometimes projects come under the heading “proof of concept” which is then followed by refinement, hopefully ending in the OMG factor…

In some of the empanada looking things, the filling was green chili and pork “brisket”…. the others were roasted chicken, also with green chili.. plus they both got mozzarella mixed in with everything else…

I used a dough I could bake…. because fried isn’t something I like doing and have no good answer as to why not…

The concept is better than good, the little pie crusty things hit the OMG zone from the start.. just the baking aromas were enough to fire up a weak appetite.. The taste clinched the deal… I want a dozen or so more even it it was a pain to pull off…

But I learned a few things.. mince the filling finer, so the lumpy look goes away and it doesn’t poke through the dough… And don’t think about handling that kind of dough when its over 100 degrees at 3:00 AM cause it won’t be pretty even if it is amazing in every other way..

Seriously, I can put holes in that type of dough by looking at it, and need every advantage possible.

But other than that I was happy, happy with the results.. the crust was flaky and it all worked just right together..

Once the weather cools to a point butter doesn’t melt in five minutes… I want to do some more of the little crusty things with an eye to making them beautiful and refining the process..

And now I need to defrost the beef tongue so that can be dealt with, hopefully during daylight hours so the neighbors don’t smell smoke at 3:00 AM and freak out…

Pot pies

100_8871100_8868The only thing I like more than making my dinner is seeing what other people do for theirs… so reading the various blogs and posts are fun for me.. I learn things, get a better sense of presentation and the visuals involved… which I forgot to mention in the last post..

And on to pot pies…

I got some single serve pie tins and made pot-pies last week along with roasted everything I could find… the pot-pies were excellent and substantial, mostly chicken, followed by potatoes, carrots and real stuff that has some flavor….. not three micro-cubes of chicken floating in a thickening agent..

Today I was pestering the butcher about brisket bones and kidneys.. The kidneys come in Thursday so that will be fun, the brisket bones “no luck” they don’t carry them.. which means I’ll be back tracking the other shops..

None of which is the point, other than, as I was standing there having a chat, it dawned on me..

I don’t have to stick with chicken, beef or turkey pot pies.. there are no rules, the pot-pie police won’t swear out a warrant or come snatch me up for deviant behavior…

The Brits do pork pies, steak and kidney pies….So why shouldn’t I have at it?

I like chili verde.. (pork with green chilis and tomatillos).. So now I want to make green chili and pork pot-pies and see how that goes..

Which is pretty exciting from my way of thinking…. the kidneys will now probably end up in pies instead of on skewers, which I hadn’t planned but as long as I’m on a roll, might as well….