#Smoked salmon

The Daily

I has a smoked fish…because my snack foods are eclectic…and I’m sort of like a giant omnivorous hamster..

The fish in question is a Trevally….and pronounced more like turkey than anything else.. which is prolly what I wanna hear…

That aside..I dunno, it’s kinda got a texture like cold ham fat…. cept it’s a fish… not that I object ham fat and it’s goin in the miso… so thats that..

It seems my weight being 220 is cause for concern….and I need to gain 20 or 30 pounds… lest my manly beauty fade..

I’m actually sleeping now…. which hasn’t been the norm for a few years… the not eating thing is still a problem “kinda”…. but whatever…. adjusting intake is automatic..

The new camera is getting a work out and I poke at the I phone like a chimp getting termites with a stick…

The cat stalks me, but now shes in season and stalks everything… including the furniture..

We went by the track on the way to the market and are going to the races at some point.. it’s all bikes and big blocks.. so lets see how its done here..

And.. we’re headed to a night market at some point cause we just are..and it’s supposed to be quite the event…

I’m still not allowed to cross the street alone (for good reason) but it is what it is.. I am starting to look the right direction about %20 of the time so it’s improving and I may not die as quickly….

But rescuing me from becoming road kill seems to be Ok with everyone… so whatever….


My gravlax and smoked tongue issues are not over….


Nor is my fetish for little plate and bowls… which is actually functional and serves to amuse.

I like to mix things up as I go, combine this and that and take time, rather than hoover it all down.

Which is notably habitual.. but allows for a nice break, contemplation and conversation should there be a guest.. which there isn’t, I’m just saying…. manners should be kept up even when your alone..

A full dinner with guests can mean a dozen plates of small items, with overtones of tapas and meze..

The honor of the house is in it’s hospitality… and I like some diversity.

3 AM and the salmon is out of the smoker

100_8969The gravlax spent four hours being transformed to smokey Uber-gravlax.. a little darker, a little denser, a little more everything.

There is a plan for it….first, perfect paper thin slices on the darkest thinnest rye I can find..or an herbed multi grain rye cracker.. with dilled havarti..

Phase two is a pate so I can make the gravlax love last a little longer and change it up some

The smoker did exactly what it was supposed to and held the temperature just right for cold smoking..

It was fun and a good amount of bang for the buck..

I was babbling about wanting a smoked brisket and was notified officially I need to put bacon and smoked tongue on the “to do” list for project week..

So early tomorrow it’s off to the butcher I go.. the only concern is my diet has been a bit rich lately and out of the norm.. its usually salads, vegetables, yogurt, fruit, beans and lentils, pasta and whatever I bake for the day.. 90% vegetarian..excepting the habitual pizza or occasional chicken quarter.. fish and shellfish…

Make that 80% vegetarian..