zombie apocalypse

I has a cookie..


Cookie, Dia de los muertos style…. which is a plural in Spanish but gets translated as “day of the dead” in American English…

Except for the cookie part…which is just cookie regardless of how stylish it is…


Spice cabinet and large bunny..


I found a cabinet to use for a spice cabinet or proofing box.. its pretty nice, the door is beveled glass… which is worth several times more than the cabinet… and it’s big enough for chilis..and ageing, fermenting or whatever… proofing is humid so it has to be an either or deal to protect the spices.

About the the bunny… which is sitting on the new cabinet, with my bike in the foreground for scale…..

The neighbor nearly fell over laughing when the delivery showed up.. he was asking the driver “wtf is it?”, as I rolled up on my bike..

So I told him it’s going to be the new shop night light and he started laughing again…

Like he doesn’t have a mannequin dressed in moto-cross gear outside his shop…

But I seem to fit in, which is a nice change.. My projects, quirks, insomnia and privacy issues tend to drive normal neighbors up the wall..

But can Mr.Coffee do this..


I have two electric kettles, one is for utility purposes… it hits 212 then shuts off and that’s all it does..

It works fine to boil eggs assuming you don’t just kerplunk the eggs in…

Cooking boiled eggs in an electric kettle is ok, scrambled eggs, not so much…

It’s also used for masala tea since it has a built in strainer… it’s glass so I can see where all the cloves and other spices are when I clean it..

It works as a hot water heater for dishes… which are done in the sink, not the kettle..
all other cleaning chores, personal, industrial and household involve cold water..

It’s a humidifier, steamer and ramen machine… I haven’t gotten around to ravioli yet or dim sum… but will at some point, just because I think it’s funny..

Make do is a hold over from dorm life, cramped space, poverty and living in sketchy hotels that ban cooking… Besides that, I like to keep my weirdo skills sharp… cause ya never know..

I’m also a fan of using sticks and and hot rocks as cooking equipment.. But we all have our quirks no?

I blame the coming zombie apocalypse… but I’m ready.

Essentials… sort of

100_6931I manage to get flour everywhere for some reason, but its not radio-active, toxic or a bio-hazard “Most of the time”..

That being said my favorite daily use essentials are… a pepper mill, manual coffee grinder and a French press all of which work fine regardless of power outages..

Hot water for coffee, cooking and what-not is a little more complex.. but just as basic. It can be done with charcoal, wood, propane, electricity, even in my solar oven or a gallon pickle jar I keep around for sun tea…

That part is whatever… its not a survivalist paranoia twitch-fest, I just tend to like versatility and have manual back ups.. it’s a guy thing and I like to go places without electricity or propane dealers.. yet still want coffee ground 3 minutes before I use it..

Besides, I just don’t like having my routine disturbed by floods, earth-quakes or three day power outages..

I can’t stop or change any of that.. but one can determine how they react to and deal with “stuff”