Apparently I’m not over gravlax love yet….

100_8935 100_8936 100_8941 I had thought soft baked egg’s, polenta and shrimp would be a nice breakfast… which was correct… until I thought about bruschetta, which led to gravlax and in turn drifted into randomness.

Why I have no idea, I’d been awake for hours, had coffee and most of my faculty’s were intact…

I blame project week which is a personal tradition that no-one but me gets..The premise is, do new stuff, learn new stuff, make new stuff, build something and leave no “I wanna do X” behind… project week can last up to a year since I have a sketchy time sense, but that’s a different issue..

Project week is the bomb… and it can be anything that improves life or infrastructure.. mostly my dinner.. this go round is gravlax, curing bacon, home-made mozzarella and building a bicycle trailer… Bread, baking and pizza are a daily thing..

Roasting green coffee beans is on the list…. but what I want to do is pretty specific and has nothing to do with popcorn poppers or cast iron skillets..

Later in the week, the smoker gets a work out…. followed making a set of instructions for a friend who asked me how to cook chicken.. which is basically, season it, wrap it in parchment paper, set the oven at 400 and come back in an hour.. with photos.

It’s fun to me… which is kind of the point no?