kitchen herbs

Basil in a flower pot….


Some people can grow anything, but I’m not one of them..

Not that it stops me from trying… I like garden chores and tending potted plants, bug hunting and the various duties involved..

Fresh basil and other herbs are a big deal and it only takes a window box…Plus the uncanny ability to not croak said herbs..

I think growing kitchen herbs should be a required part of ones education.. a social distinction and gentlemanly past time.

Too bad I suck at it… The next step is finding a big fish tank installing grow lights and turning it into a terrarium, which is the only way plants survive around me.. 😦 except goat heads and cactus…

This time I have the basil inside, rather than outside in the shade and 110 degree heat..

I should bring one into the house with me and see which one survives..