Pie dough and insomnia



Sometimes projects come under the heading “proof of concept” which is then followed by refinement, hopefully ending in the OMG factor…

In some of the empanada looking things, the filling was green chili and pork “brisket”…. the others were roasted chicken, also with green chili.. plus they both got mozzarella mixed in with everything else…

I used a dough I could bake…. because fried isn’t something I like doing and have no good answer as to why not…

The concept is better than good, the little pie crusty things hit the OMG zone from the start.. just the baking aromas were enough to fire up a weak appetite.. The taste clinched the deal… I want a dozen or so more even it it was a pain to pull off…

But I learned a few things.. mince the filling finer, so the lumpy look goes away and it doesn’t poke through the dough… And don’t think about handling that kind of dough when its over 100 degrees at 3:00 AM cause it won’t be pretty even if it is amazing in every other way..

Seriously, I can put holes in that type of dough by looking at it, and need every advantage possible.

But other than that I was happy, happy with the results.. the crust was flaky and it all worked just right together..

Once the weather cools to a point butter doesn’t melt in five minutes… I want to do some more of the little crusty things with an eye to making them beautiful and refining the process..

And now I need to defrost the beef tongue so that can be dealt with, hopefully during daylight hours so the neighbors don’t smell smoke at 3:00 AM and freak out…


I’ll see your lunch box and raise you one


I had to, it was on sale for $6.

Then I went back and got one with hello kitty skulls.

Which makes for a stylish addition to my work and travel lunch gear..Granted it’s not a Bento box, but it has it’s virtues..

Mr. Bento

100_8957I have a thing for tiffin containers and bento boxes which the GF is aware of, so she indulged my predilection by getting me a Mr.Bento just because…

Which thrills me no end…

I habitually do heavy manly-man labor with burly types and granted I fit in from the big boy, work-horse stand point…BUT

Breaks and what not are off the clock and at that point, its all about my world.. I don’t care if its at a logging camp, a deep mine or dam construction in Montana..

It’s my lunch, world and time.. if it involves my beloved pizza oven, a wicker picnic basket or bento boxes, it is, what it is..

It’s not arrogance or an anti-social statement of some sort…. I just happen to like things my way and act accordingly.. regardless of what others think…

But I digress..

I really like the wood and lacquer bento boxes, they have that art and functionality thing going, which lends its-self to the zen of lunch.. they just don’t hold enough.

But a Mr. Bento and a cooler is quite the solution.. I like small portions of a lot of things and its the king of that… a tortilla warmer deals with naan or chapati.. the cooler gets stuffed with fruit, and salad stuff, or bulky items, a plate, coffee tools etc.. and there’s usually a butane stove in the truck in case I want to actually cook..

I’m havin a picnic and enjoying the time.. which seems reasonable.

Aside from that, if I have to be out and about for a day or two, the bento box and cooler make the trip easier.. I don’t have to deal with truck stops, fast food or amtrack’s nonsense.. and it has that Hannbal Lecter vibe so I get a seat to myself…